Common Dumpster Rental Mistakes That You Can Avoid Easily

February 20, 2023

Believe it or not, efficient and faster waste management is guaranteed for both household and business purposes if you choose to opt for a dumpster rental. This is a far more practical, convenient, and safer approach, at least from the standpoint of complying with local bylaws, and regulations. In this article, we discuss some common dumpster rental mistakes.

Is it Common to Make Dumpster Rental Mistakes?

Just in case you happen to be a first-time dumpster. It is understandable that you aren’t aware of several things regarding dumpster rental. With dumpsters becoming more common by the day across major industrial or commercial and residential spaces, renting would be a wise decision to get your money and time’s worth. At the same time, the possibility of making dumpster rental mistakes is equally high. Nowadays, there are many service providers scattered across the cities who have freshly landed in the industry and have no proper knowledge or expertise. So, imagine how one wrong choice can create issues aplenty.

How to Stop Making These Mistakes?

To avoid these common pitfalls, ask yourself ‘how can I rent a dumpster and not make the same dumpster rental mistakes’. If you’re still uncertain about where to begin, here’s taking a quick look at how you can manage to stay safe with your dumpster rental. Pore through the common dumpster rental mistakes, and how you can prevent them.

  • Being Wary About the Size

The price of a dumpster is highly dependent on its size. Most dumpster owners choose smaller sizes as cheaper alternatives, not realizing the price they’re likely to pay in the long run! Get a dumpster that suits the waste requirements of your area. For example, if your office setup produces tremendous waste, then think of bigger dumpsters. But in a residential property, if the amount of waste generated is less, then it’s fine to choose a smaller one. Not being aware of the size and ending up with smaller dumpsters would burn a hole in your pocket. For the simple reason that the project work will be delayed and you’ll keep waiting for the rental company to pick up and deliver. This also means you fix a good service of dumpster rental Spring Hill Fl that helps you assess the waste volume overall and then offer a correct size estimate.

  • Overfilling Dumpsters

This will invariably occur when you end up choosing the wrong size thinking it will be an inexpensive way to get the work done. Every dumpster has a certain weight capacity and renters should ensure they don’t exceed the same. With overfilling, there’s a safety threat, after you load the container more than what it can hold. On top of that, an accident is highly likely if you put it in the company’s truck! Besides, health-wise it’s dangerous. Since you can’t cover the bin properly, insects move around. Most dumpster rental companies can overcharge after you’ve overloaded, and few can even cancel the contract. So pay attention to these little details, before you make another error.

  • Keeping Dumpsters in The Wrong Region

At the time of dumpster delivery, don’t forget to fix the exact location on the same property where you must keep it. This way, you can be sure where the container must be picked up from, and then emptied. Often, people who choose a dumpster rental have no idea of an apt spot for it to sit. Either they choose alleys, driveways, entryways, and sometimes uneven walking areas, that have trees midway, or simply where the space proves inadequate. By doing this, they invite significant problems, sometimes legal issues to be precise.

You don’t want your dumpster to look odd, or when it blocks the traffic, right? So learn the exact building codes of your area, and then adhere to the norms to keep safe and avoid stringent penalties. With a good company, you will have guidelines at your disposal, regarding the dumpster location and how authorities approve them. In addition to that, secure authorization from the neighborhood association. This way you’ll avoid adding up to dumpster rental mistakes.

  • Not Being Quick Enough

With a dumpster rental, you have to make haste. It is just next to impossible to sit with it empty, and for days! The rental period will be over even before you know it, and successive projects with the rental product will start pouring. Thankfully, there are a few rental companies that still allow you to keep for a week at the most, beyond the period mentioned in the contract. But don’t have blind faith. Ask and be sure of the services and whether the company allows an extension or not. You need to act proactive and get all the office and home projects are done (the very purpose for which you hired it in the first place) and then hand them over time. So that no one accuses you of having committed serious dumpster rental mistakes.

Summing Up…

The dumpster needs will be felt now and then. You can find a host of companies that offer common waste dumpster rentals at feasible rates. But before everything else, assess if you need to rent a dumpster. If the answer is a yes, then read the rules well, and avoid glaring mistakes as stated above.